Ant USB-C LiPo Battery Charger

The USB-C has been around for quite a while, but there is still a lack of a miniature basic USB-C chargers for LiPo battery. I decided to make my own with as minimal footprint as possible, which resulted in being 13.5mm x 16mm.

A well known MCP73831T-2ATI/MC is used as a battery charger in DFN package, to minimize the risk of thermal throttling. A high quality USB-C connector is used from Amphenol (12401610E4#2A). The charging current is configured to 500mA. Battery wires should be soldered directly to the board by a user. Red and green LEDs indicate whether a battery is charging (red) or is charged (green).

The mounting cutouts are designed for M2.5 or M3 size screws.

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