Beast Supercapacitor 175
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175 F 5.4 V


Charges in 5 minutes and 15 seconds









  • Two 350 F 2.7 V supercapacitors
  • Charges in 5 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Overvoltage indication LED and alarm signal
  • 2.54 mm pitch female 10-pin connector


What is this?


This module is essentially a maintenance free battery with 708 mWh of energy that can operate down to -40 ºC without any negative influence on the performance.


Why should I have it?


Because compared to bare supercapacitors, this module provides protection against short-circuit, over-voltage and reverse voltage. Basically, it protects you and your devices against this:


In case of over-voltage the supercapacitor can explode. If reverse voltage is applied, then the capacity of the supercapacitor dramatically decreases. The electronics embedded in the module eliminates those problems.




This module can be used in low power applications, such as, for example, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), portable power supply or in energy harvesting. The module is maintenance-free and can be used in a wide temperature range (-40 to +60 C).




The Protected Supercapacitor Module is an energy storage device that contains two 350 F supercapacitors connected in series. 

The module provides advanced protection of supercapactors. They are protected against over-voltage, over-current and reverse voltage. The protection increases the safety and prolongs the lifetime of supercapacitors out-of-the-box. In case of over-voltage capacitors are disconnected from the charger and are slowly discharged to a safe voltage. When a safe voltage is reached, supercapacitors are reconnected to the charger again. In case of over-current the supercapacitors are protected with the resettable fuses. In case a reverse voltage of more than -0.3V is applied, the current is bypassed.

A 2.54 mm pitch female connector provides the connection to the supercapacitors and to the overvoltage alarm signal. The protection circuit is encased in a custom made enclosure to prevent any contact with the terminals of the supercapacitors.

The module can be charged from empty to full in 5 minutes and 15 seconds at current of 3 A.




Side view.


Top view.


Top view without cover.






The enclosure is made out of FR-4 material, or in the other words, the same material that PCBs are made of. To make the enclosure I have designed three different FR-4 mechanical parts which ar screwed together.



The spacer has outer dimensions of 80 x 40 mm with four holes in the corners. The holes are made to fit 5 mm hex stand-offs (for example, Harwin R30-1000402).

Many spacers can be stacked together. In my design I have stacked 3 of them, for two reasons. The first reason is the height of the components mounted on the main PCB. The second reason is the minimal stand-off height that can be used. As the spacers are screwed together, you need to have the stand-off long enough to screw two screws from both sides of the stand-off. I have used 4 mm long stand-off which appears to be the minimal length.

As the spacer can be used for other projects as well, I put it for sale on Tindie.

1.6 mm thick spacers made out of FR-4 material.


5 mm hex stand-offs, 4 mm long (Harwin R30-1000402).


Stacked spacers with fitted stand-offs

Stacked spacers with fitted stand-offs.


Top cover

The top cover is made from the same material, but with a silkscreen. The four holes in the corners are made to fit M3 screws. The cut-out on the right is made for the 10-pin female connector. The hole in the middle is made to fit the 3 mm LED.

The silkscreen can be very nicely used to give some information about the device, to provide connection guidance or to put a QR-code. The imagination is your only limit here. :)


Top cover.


Bottom cover

The bottom cover protects the bottom of the main PCB. The four holes in the corners are made to fit M3 screws.

Bottom cover.


M3 Torx T10 screws.





Drawing - Spacer

3D STEP - Assembly

3D STEP - Bottom cover

3D STEP - Top cover

3D STEP - Main board

3D STEP - Spacer