LiPo charger
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MCP73831 Li-Po/Li-ion Battery Charger                     Buy on Tindie or eBay


  • Based on MCP73831 in thermally enhanced DFN package.
  • Indication of power, charging and end-of-charge.
  • Screw terminals allow easy battery connection.
  • MicroUSB connector is breakouted.
  • Compatible with breadboards.
  • Gold plated mounting holes.



This LiPo charger was made to be perfect for prototyping. It has breakouted MicroUSB port which allows to use same connector for charging battery and communication over USB. Breakout is also compatible with breadboards. Screw terminals make it easier to connect different types of batteries without the need to solder.


Why DFN package?

Charger uses popular MCP73831 chip which can be found in SOT-23 package in many chargers. However, SOT-23 package can't dissipate enough power to charge battery with 500 mA current, it overheats. This charger, however, uses MCP73831 in DFN package. DFN package has thermal pad which dissipates enough power to guarantee 500mA charging current.


Why screw terminals?

Other chargers are usually equipped with standard JST connector. However, often you may want to charger a battery that has different connector or doesn't have connector at all. Then, instead of soldering you can just use screw terminals.


What to do with breakout?

None of the chargers provide USB breakout which makes it impossible to use the same USB port for charging and transferring the data. With USB breakout a battery can be charged and a communication with micro-controller can be done at the same time with just one USB port.


Electrical characteristics

  Min Max
Input voltage, V 3.65 6
Input current, mA 450 550
Output current, mA 450 550
Battery End-of-Charger voltage, V 4.168 4.232


Mechanical characteristics

Mounting hole diamater, mm 2.2
Length, mm 32.5
Width, mm 22.0
PCB thickness, mm 1.0
Screw terminal height, mm 11.4
Header mating height, mm 5.5
Header total height, mm 8.0
Connector MicroUSB B
Screw terminal max wire cross section, mm2 1.5

3D model in PDF (Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the 3D model)

3D Model of PCB3D Model of PCB